Inclusion & Rules

Final acceptance of your entry will deliver you the following:

The Event Organiser will manage

  • International Marketing and Publicity Campaign
  • Media Management
  • Host Events at Staging Airports to foster trade and international opportunities
  • Documentation of the Great Air Race
  • Merchandise Program
  • Support aircraft that will travel with the field
  • Recharging /refuelling locations and facilities
  • Overall Risk Management Plan
  • Ceremonial landing event in Darwin
  • Awards event and Official functions

Assist with coordination of

  • Permits & Certifications
  • Airport Clearances
  • On ground refueling and recharging facilities
  • Space and workshop areas at staging destinations

Teams will be responsible for

  • Recharging and/or refueling
  • Accommodation, meals and ground transport
  • Daily flight plans

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