How to Take on the Best Northern Territory Tours

northern territory tours

With a stunning landscape of lush mountains, deep gorges, rolling alpine valleys and the ever-changing beauty of the desert landscape, the Northern Territory has many amazing natural sights and experiences to offer to visitors. The Northern Territory Tour Packages can provide an enjoyable and memorable travel experience of the diverse natural beauty and spectacular scenery of this unique part of the country.


No tour to the Australian outback, or even the Northern Territory for that matter, is complete without visiting Australia’s largest known rock formation, Yulara. Found at the Red Centre of Australia, Yulara-Kata Tjuta National Parks contains some of Australia’s most awe-inspiring natural sights including The Olgas, King’s Canyon and of course, the red rock, Yulara.

The rugged volcanic Yulara has been visited by explorers and travellers for over 400 years. The Yulara Rock is the largest rock formation of the world found on the Great Dividing Range. The rocks are found in a range of colours from red to grey, with white and black sometimes found as well.

The Yulara Rock is located about 70km east of Alice Springs and is one of the best places to see the spectacular wildlife of the area. A popular tourist attraction, visitors to Yulara are advised not to attempt to walk up Yulara. Instead, one can take a drive into the mountains and drive down the road to the base where they can enjoy views of the rocks and the bush from a different perspective.


There are many other natural attractions in the Northern Territory such as Uluru, the Uluru Hills and the Uluru Archaeological Park. Located at the end of the Uluru Track, the Uluru Hills is a popular spot for tourists as they can view Uluru from its top. Uluru was constructed in the 19th century and it stands tall among the most prominent rock formations in Australia.

northern territory tours

The Uluru Archaeological Park is another popular tourist attraction located in Alice Springs. Here you can see the remains of ancient houses and other buildings that have stood throughout Australia’s history.

Another popular visitor attraction is the Uluru Caves, which is located on Uluru in the Uluru Desert in the northern part of the Northern Territory. The caves are a series of fissures and sinkholes that offer a unique chance to see the incredible scenery and desert beauty of Australia at its best. Visitors can enjoy Uluru’s beautiful waterfalls and a breathtaking view from the Uluru Caves Visitor Centre.

The Uluru Hills is home to many popular attractions and the Northern Territory Tour Packages will provide the perfect opportunity for tourists to see and experience these unique locations and natural attractions. Whether you’re looking for a great way to travel to Australia or just want to experience a unique experience in a place you’ve never visited before, the Northern Territory offers something to please every visitor’s taste.

Uluru is one of the most well known national parks in Australia. One of the most visited parks in the world, it provides a popular attraction for both the locals and holidaymakers alike. Uluru also offers an easy day out for the more adventurous visitors who want to experience a little adventure whilst at the same time seeing some stunning views of the desert.

Uluru is located near Alice Springs and offers a unique opportunity to visit Australia’s second oldest national park. The park features Uluru Crater and Uluru Rock, which are the two primary rock features at the park. Other popular attractions include the Uluru Walkway, the Uluru Canyon and the Uluru Museum.

The Uluru National Park is also home to a range of flora and fauna, including a host of exotic birds and reptiles and unique animal species. It’s a great place for nature enthusiasts and a fantastic way to see Australia’s unique animals in their natural habitat.

Uluru is one of the largest active dunes in the Northern Territory and visitors who go on the Uluru Track can see the amazing beauty of the area from the top of Yulara Rock. Uluru is also a popular spot for a day trip from Alice Springs, allowing tourists to see this beautiful sight from a different perspective.

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